questions for you guys!

i was just wondering what made you guys start to collect stamps in the first place?

me: My dad has always been collecting stamps and so, as a little girl, i was so fascinated by stamps and i loved to look in my dad HUGE box of excess stamps. at some point i decided to collect stamps myself and i've really learned a lot from it: i learned geography, history and also about culture from collecting stamps.
then when i was 16 i took a break from collecting and by summer 2010 i decided to start again. i cut down on what countries and themes to collect and i've bought new albums for some of the collections. I've also bought a Michel catalogue for my German collection (which i am pretty excited about). I hope to get my collection of German stamps to be as big as the collections of Polish and Hungarian stamps (these two collections my mom gave me).


i would like to swap stamps...

hi people! it's not like there's much going on here... but let's try and get something happening here.

I have a box with stamps i don't collect. I'd like to swap some of these to some that i actually do collect. I have stamps from the Sovjetunion, Australia, lots and lots of countries in Africa, Italy, Serbia and so on. I have stamps from bascially everywhere. But i do not have stamps from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Faeroes, Iceland, Greenland.

What i'm looking for in return is: Germany (mainly after 1945 but i can use everything), Poland (after 1980), Hungary (after 1980), Korea (both north and south) and Egypt. I'm also collecting cartoons, Beatles and dinosaurs.

anybody interested? 

some of my kids

Hello from Preciousowl

Hi there. This is my first post and I have to say, after being a member of LJ for this long, I can't believe it took me so long to find this community! I have many lots of a variety of philately currently for sale on etsy.


I'm totally open to trades/sales outside of etsy though so please contact me if you'd like to hook something up!

Thanks for looking.
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