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Stolen Stamps

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My father, an avid philatelist, has just been burgled - the bastards have taken an entire safe!  As well as passports, wills and other important documents, they've lost three valuable stamp albums.  I've been given the following descriptions from my father of some of the prominent missing items/the main contents of some of the albums:
  • £5 orange. Central cancellation date stamp over Queen Victoria's face. Dated possibly 1899, 30 or 31 December.  Very fine used
  • album of covers - the most unusual item has 2x1 shilling stamps, sent to Buenos Aires
  • Other main album - starting with about 20 penny blacks, followed by a dozen tuppeny blues without lines, then more tuppeny blues with lines, then on to other types of stamp
  • Embossed stamps - sixpence, tenpence and shilling values.  Some square cut and others cut to shape.
I'd really appreciate it if you could keep your eyes open - I'll be scanning e-bay regularly myself, but don't really have a clue about the other on-line communities where an unscrupulous seller might try and shift them. Any advice would be gratefully received.  And should you see any suspicious job lots or individual items on the list matching the description, please get in touch.

Thanks so much.
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