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Selling Indonesian Christmas Looney Tunes Stamps With Folder

Hi, I'm selling a complete set of Christmas Looney Tunes stamps. The stamps are completed with folder with Christmas tree and Looney Tunes characters drawing on it.

The folder contains 4 sheets of stamps, and each sheet has 6 stamps (so 24 in total). The pictures are all different with each other. The characters wearing their cute Christmas outfits. The stamps are published in 2007, and still in perfect conditions. They're new (unused) because my dad bought them for collection purpose. So they're perfect for Christmas gift or your own personal collection ^^

Preview (click to enlarge):
Folder (Front)             Folder (Back)

Folder (Fully Open)
Folder (inside, fully open)

  The stamps  
Folder (inside, not fully open)                                The stamps

Please go HERE to buy it. Paypal only, worldwide shipping :)


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